Free Software Certificate

Type: Certificate Course

Prerequisites: None

Description: The FSC (Free Software Certificate) is a 4 week certificate introducing the 4 freedoms of Free Software. In order to understand software licensing and how it affects your freedom, this course covers the difference between Free & Non Free Software and addresses the common confusion between the similar but distinct Open Source & Free Software definitions.

This course provides and overview of the History of Free Software and explains the problems associated with Software Patents. The popular free software license, The GPL & Copyleft are covered, along with an explanation why Selling Free Software isn't only possible, it is highly recommended.

In an Internet driven world, licenses suitable for online software are highly important to cover, so we look at how your freedom can be affected by The AGPL & Web Services. In an age where information is the most valuable asset, we finally consider Computing Control & Privacy.

You will learn how important freedom is to society and how we can protect our freedom in the software field.

Upon successful completion of this course, you will be awarded with the Free Software Certificate to show that you have a good understanding of what Free Software is and the issues surrounding non-free software.

Enrolment: Opens early 2015.