The Free Software University


Welcome to the Free Software University - a place where you can learn about software freedom. We have put together the Free Software Certificate course to help you to understand what Free Software is and to be able to make informed choices about the software you create or use.

We intend to offer more courses on Free Software in the future, however the Free Software Certificate will be a prerequisite for all courses - so if you want to study here in future on any course, or even help us teach - then the FSC is the course you should begin with.


What is Free Software?

Free Software is software licensed to the user with its four freedoms intact:

  • Freedom to run the software for any purpose
  • Freedom to redistribute verbatim copies
  • Freedom to study and modify the program
  • Freedom to redistribute modified versions

Free Software is released under a Free Software license. For example, the GPLv3 is a Free Software license.




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